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Music for Meditation and Relaxation 

By Bert-Henrik Enqvist
Released: 2016

The Ocean and The Sky is meditation music that speaks directly to the heart and that gives an experience of inner joy and relaxation. Inspired by the beautiful landscape of the archipelago, where the sky and the sea meet, Bert-Henrik Enqvist has created music that offers the joy of life, longing, and ecstatic playfulness that reminds us of what is truly important in life. Delicate tones, sacred songs and nature sounds combine to form a poetic whole that inspires the spiritual quest for union with life here and now. It is music that is suitable for meditation, relaxation, or just enjoyment. All music composed and performed by Bert-Henrik Enqvist. The album’s first song, “I Dissolve into You”, features the vocals of singer and musician Yasmeen Amina Olya. The second and fourth songs include vocal samples by musican and composer Eduardo Tarilonte. The third song includes a vocal sample by senior sound designer Michael Schwendler/Dynamedion. The Ocean and the Sky is Bert-Henrik Enqvist's debut album.

Produced by Eva-Lotta Sandberg, Per Winjestam & Bert-Henrik Enqvist

Mastered by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin

Cover Design Anton Stokes

1) I Dissolve into You (feat. Yasmeen Amina Olya) (04:05)
2) The Stars and the Night (03:39)
3) In the Center of the Garden I Saw You (04:00)
4) Surrender into the Darkness of the Ocean (04:53)
5) You are in My Heart (04:57)
6) The Joy of Water (05:05)
7) Ecstasy of Play (05:30)
8) Third Eye Dance (08:39)
9) Evening Walk (05:06)
10) Watching the Sky (04:28)

Listen to samples here

Media type: CD
Total time: 50.24 minutes
Release date: 2016-06-17
Publisher: Dansmeditation Produktion Väst AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
EAN: 7320470215449

The CD can be purchased from our online shop, Regnbågens Book Shop in Gothenburg, Vattumannen Book Shop in Stockholm, and more.

Bert-Henrik Enqvist was born and grew up in the Turunmaa archipelago near Turku in the south west of Finland, where he has lived all his life. This album was inspired by the beautiful landscape of the archipelago where the sky and the sea meet and are always present as powerful elements of lifeforce energy. After many years, and with a background as a sportsman at the top level of Finnish athletics, he found meditation in music. He is a member of TEOSTO.


The Music Project in Finland – the Story

We proudly present our first musical production, an album of meditation music: "The Ocean and the Sky" by Bert-Henrik Enqvist from Finland. We are broadening our cultural activities by releasing a music CD that is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the archipelago near Turku in south west Finland, Turunmaa archipelago. Even when we visited Finland last summer 2015 and listened to Bert-Henrik Enqvist’s music in his studio, we felt immediately that this is such good meditation music that it just has to be released, it will delight many people. Then began the process of finding ways to make a reality of this vision and realise Bert Henrik Enqvist's own dream to release his music, a former sportman at the top level of Finnish athletics. It has primarily been a team project where all parts are important. Eva-Lotta Sandberg's long experience in the cultural sector and her expertise in cultural production has played a crucial role; through her the music project received an artistic director with the ability to see the big picture. Per Winjestam’s experience and expertise in meditation and spiritual processes have been significant for the music's spiritual dimensions. But there have been many more who have contributed without whose help it would not have been possible to produce this CD. There is something special about artistic projects, to unconditionally surrender and trust the process, to create encounters between people and formulate and articulate and create together, something that affects and touches and put energies into motion. After spending months in the process of the music project, we are now pleased to announce: "The Ocean and the Sky" by composer and musician Bert-Henrik Enqvist.

Special thanks to
We would like to extend a Special and Big thanks to Bert-Henrik Enqvist for the opportunity to produce your debut album together with you; we are proud to be part of realising your dream. Many thanks to Yasmeen Amina Olya for featuring with the vocals on the album's first song, and because you went into this music project with trust and faith in the power of music. Special thanks to Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg, who has been our hands-on support and assisted us with his professional expertise in music production and guided us through the process. Johannes Lundberg has mastered the music at Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg. Special thanks to Anton Stokes who did the graphic design, always a rock with creative and innovative solutions to all sorts of challenges and with a large measure of patience and commitment to all our cultural productions. Many thanks to Cesar Gonzalez in Turku in Finland who has been assisting with technical support throughout the process, no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Many thanks to Bengt Enqvist for believing in this music project and because you constantly gave us your support that made possible that we could realise the production of the CD. Many thanks to Eduardo Tarilonte and Martin Berger/Dynamedion and Michael Schwendler/Dynamedion for your positive response to the music project and that Bert-Henrik Enqvist could use your vocal samples on three of the CD's ten songs. There are many more who have contributed, and you know who you are, and to you, we just want to say: Many thanks!