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A warm welcome to Dansmeditation!

Do you want to move freely, dance your own dance, and at the same time go into deep relaxation and meditation? Then you have come to the right place!

Dance Meditation

Dance meditation is for those who want to both dance and meditate. It is a combination of a Lifedancing cycle (free dance) and still, silent meditation, Vipassana. Dancing and meditating in a continuous flow is a method that releases energy, dissolves blockages and gives you a deeper connection with your inner self, as well as opening up creative processes and deepening your awareness of the present. The dance itself has a grounding effect and contributes to deepening the meditation. Read more about dance meditation.


Meditation is awareness of the present. It is both the way and the goal to a deeper understanding of who you are on the physical, psychological, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual level. It is a method for processing stress, and for providing relaxation, energy, and better health. Meditation is a powerful tool for obtaining personal and spiritual development. Read more about meditation.

About us

We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We offer courses, workshops, and retreats in dance meditation and meditation. We also publish books and produce music in collaboration with other cultural operators. Read more on our calendar.